How Roll20 Broke the Record for Fastest Game in HGC History

A heady brew of unorthodox team comp, bold strategy, and spot-on mechanics made it happen.

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Latin America Finals Take Over São Paulo This Weekend

Four teams are competing, but only one will earn a spot at the HGC Finals at BlizzCon this November.

il y a 3 jours
Zero to Hero: Team Tempest’s Sign

Tempest's Yoon ‘Sign’ Ji-hoon talks about how he became a professional gamer, the ups and downs of his career, and his approach to Heroes of the Storm.

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HGC Weekly Digest: Navigating the Endgame

More teams have qualified for the HGC Finals, while others have found themselves locked for the Crucible.

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ANZ Season 4 Finals Culminates in Sydney September 30

The Australia & New Zealand Finals will determine which team from the region will compete in the HGC Finals at BlizzCon.

il y a 6 jours
Showdown at Volskaya Foundry

Two of the top HGC teams from North America will duke it out on the newest Battleground in the Nexus.

il y a 9 jours
HGC Cheer Update

Keep up with changes to the HGC Cheer program.

il y a 10 jours
Heart of a Hooligan

After time on the sidelines, one of Korea's most promising rookies has finally made the big show.

il y a 11 jours
Introducing: Play Like a Pro

Starting September 14, pro Heroes players will be featured on the front page of Twitch each month.

il y a 12 jours
HGC Weekly Digest: Chase for the Championship

Another two teams qualify for the HGC Finals with just two weeks left of league play.

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